Raw Color has designed the Hatching and Density fabric as a collection for Vertisol

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At Vertisol we are focused on developing integral solutions to fulfil the needs both for architects and designers.  Design is part of vertisol‘s DNA, this is why we produce a wide variety of fabrics for the manufacture of blinds, that meet the highest technical performance standards while keeping an eye on the most popular trends demanded by the market.

The close collaboration between design studios and schools and with the most prestigious research centres allow us to continue innovating in the development of fabrics with the highest technical and decorative level. Example of this is our collaboration with the Dutch studio Raw Color.

The work of Raw Color reflects a sophisticated treatment of material and colour by mixing the fields of graphic design and photography. This is embodied through research and experiments, building their visual language. Daniera ter Haar & Christoph Brach work on self initiated and commissioned projects in their Eindhoven based studio.

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